Facility of Emergen

Quality has always been a goal to aim for at EMERGEN. The processes within the manufactory are geared towards delivering the best to the prescribers and patients. Being mindful of sustaining the strides made by the company in venturing into a challenging area of pharmaceutical manufacture, EMERGEN leaves no stone unturned in maintaining above par standards in all key areas of the manufacturing process.

The fully cGMP compliant manufacturing facility is manned by a team of scientists and engineers amongst others carefully chosen from a talent pool across various disciplines. In a country where parameters such as literacy, education and medical care could be compared to the more advanced and developed economies of Asia and beyond, the company steadfastly believes in the ability and capability of local recruits.

The high technology driven working environment affords the new entrants hands on exposure to varied aspects of pharmaceutical manufacture in addition to providing a platform for exchange of ideas, views and new thinking amongst likeminded individuals as the company encourages novelty and innovation.