Scope of Emergen

EMERGEN, at its inception, identified Asthma and COPD as of special significance, due to the prevalence of such diseases in the country. Research initially focused on powder inhalation preparations with a view to broad-base the options available to the healthcare providers dependent on imported formulations. The successful launch of FLUTIHALE and FORMOHALE in the local market in 2013 spurred the team to bolster the product profile to bring-forth a spectrum of powder inhalation formulations for the benefit of patients.

The company currently supplies SALHALE, BECLOHALE, FLUTIHALE and TIOHALE to the Ministry of Health of the government of Sri Lanka to be prescribed and dispensed to patients free of charge through the largest network of hospitals in the island. Whilst EMERGEN considers the trust placed in its products by the government of Sri Lanka, the predominant health care provider, as an endorsement of the quality and efficacy of the products manufactured by the company, the feedback from the private sector too has been very encouraging.